Do You Really?

Where are the two places that you are likely to sing like no one is watching? One would probably be in your car and the other would be while you are taking your shower (by the way, we have zero scientific data to back up our answers, it’s just a guess based off our own experiences!). For our second official video we asked some strangers and some friends to let loose and lip synch to our song “Do You Really” in their showers. What we got is exactly what our bassist Chris had in mind when he came up with the concept for the video. He wanted it to be a cross between George Michael’s Freedom! 90 video and the shower scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Once again, thank you to Warren Difranco for co-directing the video with Chris as well as shooting it, Jennifer Yount for being there for support as we shot, and of course Cameron Ley, Robert Milar, Patrick Connor, Kaitlin Jochimsen, Hollie Sokol, Caramel Knowledge, Caitie Guttry, Ms. Spent Youth, Madeline Sinclaire, and Aria Curzon for rocking out in the shower!

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