Our 1st Music Video

Music video time! Our first single “Extraordinary” is about to be released so of course we had to accompany the audio with the visual. Three days of production went into the making of this vid. We enlisted the talent of world renown artist Robert Vargas (who is about to embark on the biggest mural painted by a single artist) to do what he does best – draw our portraits in a super-fast and super-skillful way! Here are some behind the scenes photos of the production. Thanks to Bradley Pierce for directing, Tyler Cole for shooting, Dominik Krzanowski for providing our set and lights, Warren Difranco for subbing in for Carlos, Jennifer Yount for always supporting, Lisa de la Vega for taking pics, Liz Gongora (aka Momma G) for providing lunch, and of course Robert Vargas for lending his talents for the shoot. We can’t wait to show you this video!


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