The Show

All our live shows are currently suspended in order to help keep our community, families, friends, and fans safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Past Variety Performers

Caramel Knowledge, Eric Buss, Da Loonius 1, Danny Cole, Stacy Cole, Miss Spent Youth, Chris Mitchell, Micah Cover, Sheila Starr Siani, Nox Rose, Dominik, Gwen Ruby, Crow Garrett, Marcus Eddie, Fantastick Patrick, Vixen DeVille, Joel Ward, Lyra Star, Robert Vargas, Tuba, Blanche Bourgeois, Steven Himmel, Dana Benedict, Ruby Champagne, David Zirbel, Lorenzo Clark

Past Musical Guests

Love Star, Tony Austin, Chrystyna Marie, The Changs, Darkroads, Ruby Clouds, Sonder City, The Place on Rugby, Brahm’s Third Racket, Nonfiction, Scenic Underground, Ward, The Color Up, Zen Josey, Looner, Burners, Flashback Flash, J and the 9’s, The Oil Barrons

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